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BELAIR BEAUTY CLUB® vs. Bella Dream Hair

An actual review from a Bella dream customer. - Piink Skullz

Bella Dream Hair Hair Review *The following video is from a real Bella Dream Hair customer
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What people are saying

Bella Dream Hair has grown their brand which is great for them but inflated their prices which is bad for us girls who love hair. It must be because of the high profile clients they use to promote. Looking at their recent yelp reviews customers are upset by the lower quality higher price tag business model BDH is implementing.

Seems like this is another case of bait and switch, give your high profile clients the premier product while several customers are left with disappointment. For the prices they charge your hair should come sprinkled in gold :-)

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We started a club to help girls revitalize their beauty with high quality products without the inflated price tag and a focus on substance over fluff. We’ve seen so many companies doing just enough to get by. With your help and feedback lets make this club the ultimate beauty experience.

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